The Better Game: Army Attack vs. Empires & Allies

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KeyWord: Digital Chocolate, Zynga, Army Attack, Empires & Allies

Military-themed strategy games had some significant high points on Facebook well before 2011, but in the last couple of weeks, the genre's really heated up as Digital Chocolate and Zynga both released new entries to the market. With the two games live and in heavy use by players, we compare the two to see how each are doing given their thematic similarities and gameplay differences.

Army Attack

Digital Chocolate's Army Attack was first to market toward the very end of May. The game gained traction quickly, debuting at number four on our top 20 list of fastest-growing Facebook games by monthly active users for the last week of the month and landing at the top of the daily active users ranking only two days later. It’s the 19th game in Digital Chocolate's developer portfolio and already it's number three in term's of the company's overall Facebook traffic just behind Millionaire City. In Army Attack, players control individual military units on a map laid out along a grid. Clicking an unoccupied square on the grid sends a selected unit to "conquer" the square while clicking an occupied square sends unit into turn-based combat against whatever happens to be there.

Empires and Allies

Zynga's Empires & Allies arrived about a week later following an announcement made just a day before the game launched. It's Zynga's first new Facebook game following December's CityVille release, but as it came after the launch of RewardVille, Empires & Allies was already compatible with the fan incentive network. This along with cross-promotion through Zynga’s other games gave Empires & Allies a leg up on the growth charts for its first 10 days of life, though a reporting issue on Facebook prevented the game from hitting our rankings charts until almost two weeks after launch. In the game, players must rebuild a city attacked by a savage military force. Specific military structures produce individual units that the player can then lead into turn-based combat against artificial intelligence-controlled opponents or against neighbors for player-versus-player action.




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