inFAMOUS Anarchy Combines CityVille And Mafia Wars on Facebook

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Have you been holding out on purchasing inFAMOUS 2 for your PlayStation 3? Do you have a few minutes to spare on a new Facebook game? Did you even like the first inFAMOUS game? If you answered yes to any of those questions (specifically the second), then you'll be happy to know that Sony has partnered with Mob Science to produce inFAMOUS Anarchy, a new companion-game of sorts for Facebook.

inFAMOUS Anarchy

inFAMOUS Anarchy has already been adopted by almost 450,000 monthly active users, but you might have a hard time finding the game via a Facebook search (and by hard time, I mean that it's seemingly impossible to find without a direct link). Click on this link to find it, and follow along as we give you an in-depth look at what to expect.

From the start, you'll be able to choose your character's gender, as you won't actually be playing as Cole from the main series. Zeke is back from the main game to serve as your guide this time around, and introduces you to the concept of rebuilding your home in Amp City, and saving it from the monsters that will try to invade. While in a unique theme, inFAMOUS Anarchy really plays as a fairly basic city-building experience (like, say, CityVille), but with Amps in place of Goods and crops, and monsters to fight as an additional gameplay element.

You'll start with a single Apartment building that requires Amps to produce profits. You'll grow Amps in electrical "farming" plots, with different types of Amps, like Batteries or Coal, being the game's version of Corn or Strawberries. There's a Power Plant in your town that must be staffed with friends, quests to complete along the left side of the screen, and your friends' towns to visit across the bottom of the screen. Every basic city-building element seems to be represented here (including an energy bar that dictates just how long you can play in a single sitting), but where things at least attempt to be different is in the combat.

inFAMOUS Anarchy

You'll be able to click on the Map button to bring up a choice of new districts to visit. You'll unlock more locations as you level up, but are first given Amp City Avenue. These locations are crawling with Tweakers and other enemies, along with buildings that you can "Do Jobs" in for extra cash and experience points. You'll simply need to click on enemies to "beat them up," using a few energy and rewarded with a bit of cash in return. Back in your own town, monsters may appear and you'll have to defeat them via multiple clicks to bring back the peace.

In terms of other elements, you can visit Zeke's city and craft items using collectibles you'll find at random while playing. These can be anything from decorations and buildings for your city to armor for your character. You can also complete up to five tasks per day, per friend, as you'd expect. For true social elements, you can fight other players, moving your in-game karma meter either to the light or dark side, and you'll need to use things like the aforementioned armor to tilt the favor of battle your way. It's not a new element to Facebook gaming by any stretch of the imagination (see: Mafia Wars), but it does give you something else to spend your energy on should you get bored.



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