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Happy Summer Vacation.In this happy holidays what are you going to do? Instead of doing homework, we tend to surf the web, chat with other co-workers or hop on Facebook to play our favorite games. For those of you who are bored with your current game selection, take a look at the list that I personally compiled below:

I. Empires & Allies

Empires & Allies

Empires & Allies is described by executive producer Amer Ajami as "CityVille meets Risk," and features elements of city building, strategy, and even player vs player combat.

Unlike most Zynga-developed games, Empires & Allies has what Ajami describes as a pretty involved story and is "essentially a single player campaign."You'll make your way through a series of islands, defeating The Raven's henchmen until you come up against the leader himself. But while the game does currently have an end point, Ajami says that what will be available at launch can best be described as the first chapter; the team at Zynga LA is already at work fleshing out the next part of the narrative. There appears to be a fairly large cast of characters, including Scarlet, who serves as your right-hand woman throughout the game.

The biggest change in Empires & Allies compared to CityVille is, of course, the combat. Before entering into battle you'll have to choose your units, before you start exchanging blows with the enemy. The combat is completely turn-based, so you'll be able to make decisions at your own pace. It appears to be pretty intuitive: mousing over an enemy, for example, will provide information about your chances of successfully damaging them. You'll keep taking turns with your foe until one of you loses all of their units. The battles waged in Empires & Allies span land, sea, and air.

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Empires & Allies

Empires & Allies

Empires & Allies



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