Empires & Allies Goes Patriotic With July 4th Decorations and Military Units

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Empires & Allies

To celebrate this weekend's Fourth of July holiday in the US, Zynga has released a series of limited edition decorations and military units in Empires & Allies. For the new decorations, there's a trio to choose from, including the Uncle Sam Statue for 18 Empire Points, the Soldier Statue for 10,000 coins and the Army Exercise for 5,000 coins.

Soldier Statue

Soldier Statue

Soldier Statue

Soldier Statue

Soldier Statue

If you're more of a fighter than an "island decorator," you can instead spend your time purchasing two new units: The P-40 Warhawk Fighter costs 26 Empire Points, but comes with 75 Health Points of its own. Still not impressive enough? Then why not purchase the F-35 Lightning II, a fairly high-level unit that requires you to be level 25 or higher to purchase. This unit in particular is the first in a collection that Zynga is calling "Squad-Bonus Aircraft." If you purchase this, along with all other units released in the future, you'll receive a "Special Surprise" at the end. No word yet as to what that surprise actually is.

Again, all of these items are limited edition, and they'll only be available for the next 19 days. If you haven't reached level 25 yet, you've got quite a bit of time to plow through and level up to that point so you can add the F-35 to your collection, but don't delay! It's likely these items will disappear for good (or at least until the Fourth of July next year) after they expire.



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