FarmVille Player Earns 1 Billion Coins

Date: Jul 12 2011 06:58:25 Source: Views:
KeyWord: FarmVille, 1 Billion Coins, 1 Billion Coins, MaFarm

By Joe Osborne on

Come on, is there any other explanation? One extremely dedicated FarmVille player, known as MaFarm on the forums, has garnered an insane 1 billion coins. Well, 1,011,357,960 Coins, to be exact. The, um, accomplished player made the announcement on the forums to the bewilderment and awe of many digital farmers.

MaFarm went on to reveal some more effects of her wealth. For instance, when she looked to see how many High Roller Ribbons she had earned, the number appeared blank, implying that the game cannot even read past seven-digit numbers in some cases.

Better yet, the status of her Pretty Penny Ribbon literally ran out of space: "The pretty Penny ribbon actually ran out of space too," MaFarm writes. "It shows 1,440,878,7_ _ and then the last two numbers disappeared...LOL."

We'd say "LOL" is a fair response, wouldn't you? And here's the clincher: When asked what her next major goal is, MaFarm replied that she's aiming to reach Level 500. She's currently Level 246, so we'll check back with her in oh, I don't know, two years?



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