Perfect Getaway Sets Sail on Facebook With Service Industry Sim

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Perfect Getaway is a resort cruise simulation game for Facebook from massively multiplayer online developer Perfect World Entertainment. The game got off to a rough launch several months ago, but appears to have blossomed into an official launch early this month.

Perfect Getaway

The game casts players in the role of captain of a cruise ship that services a variety of regions across the globe. Early stages of the game have players setting sail between North Atlantic island destinations such as Cuba and Jamaica. Players much manage passengers' satisfaction levels by supply entertainment, food, and the occasional mood activity boost like "Whale Sighting" or "Captain's Announcement." Individual attractions like food stands and lounge chairs can be harvested like crops to gain experience points, energy, and "leisure," which is a sort of secondary soft currency.

The leisure currency creates a strange challenge to the game. You need it to supply food stands and you can only generate it through harvesting attractions, but your total capacity of leisure is limited by how many decorations you've placed on your deck. This creates an awkward trade-off where players have to sacrifice deck space on their ship for decorations instead of placing leisure-generating attractions or primary soft currency-generating food stands.

The primary game mechanic appears to be balancing cruise time with the amount of currency and energy available to keep passengers happy. Each cruise costs a certain amount of soft currency and a "stardust" item that can be obtained for premium currency or as a gift from friends. Cruise length determines how much XP and other rewards a player gets for completing a cruise — and the longer the cruise, the more energy and soft currency the player winds up spending to keep passengers happy.




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