Facebook Games Weekly News Wrap-up: July 11 to July 15

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I. Learn Skills In The Sims Social

The Sims Social

We know many of you are getting frustrated not getting The Sims Social to play yet but we have to admit that every little bit more information gets us even more excited for this new Facebook game.

This time The Sims Social reveals one more game feature – learning skills. In The Sims Social, our Sims will be able to learn new skills and pursue passions just like we do in our real life. To become an expert our Sims will have to practice it a lot but you can’t become an expert in one night, right?

The Sims Social



II. Pet Tales Makes Caring For Puppies And Kittens a Walk in The Park on Facebook

Pet Tales

By Randy Nelson From Inside Social Games

Developed byRivet Games,Pet Tales is a combination of pet collecting and world management for Facebook. The game is a visual offspring of FooPets, a previous title from the developer (then called FooMoo), that offered meticulously rendered, lifelike animals.

The gameplay in Pet Tales is split into two components. The first is adopting and caring for a pet. From the outset, players can choose to adopt a puppy or kitten from one of several breeds. Dogs available include dalmatian, rottweiler, golden retriever, beagle and chihuahua breeds. For cats, the initial breeds include American longhair, calico, white shorthair, Maine coon and Persian. Once the player has chosen and names their pet, they’re given the opportunity to pet them (by moving the mouse pointer over them), feed them, give them water and play with them.

pet Tales




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