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As we know, of all social games, strategy game also holds a certain proportion, many people think that play this kind of game, will bring more challenges, the more exciting, the following is according to some data of the statistics of the best strategy game, please let us know which you like most?


Empires and Allies is clever attempt to attract the social/strategy gaming crowd. Developers have kept several FarmVille and CityVille elements intact (coins, energy, city-building etc.) and infused a military-themed strategy game by allowing players to create military troops and using them against opponents to capture resources and expand their empire.

Players will have to build houses, industrial buildings, and military structures and gather resources to build more troops. They can then expand their empires and wage a war against other empires.

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Global Warfare is one such great game that tries to bring in the same level of intensity experienced in games like Command and Conquer and Art of War. Set in a futuristic universe, this military-themed strategy game focuses more on rebuilding a desolated city bombed by a dangerous military faction. You will get time to build buildings and strengthen your base and then go out on campaign to conquer enemy factions.

Global Warfare encourages co-op play and hence its developers have built the game with the Facebook gaming crowd in mind. You can team up with your Facebook friend and defend his base or take up resources objectives that can only be completed if you have more FB friends. The game emphasizes on resource, collection, research and provides opportunities for Facebook players to interact and capture scarce resources. The game also has a nice PvP combat system and soon it will integrate alliance vs. alliance combat in which a group of FB players can wage war with another group, making this strategy game a perfect social title for the Facebook platform.

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Battle Pirates is a real-time strategy game aimed for the StarCraft-playing crowd. Developed by the creators of Backyard Monsters, this RTS has got the best visuals amongst other online social strategy games on Facebook. The objective is to build a formidable fleet by collecting resources from various industrial buildings and launching an attack against your Facebook neighbors in the sea.

In Battle Pirates, you will have to build units on a tiny plot of land surrounded by sea from all sides and create a virtual fleet of combat ships, gunboats and various other assault units to prepare for battle against your friends. A short tutorial explains all about resources and fleet and provides tips and hints for a successful battle.

The game also lets you interact with your FB neighbors and fight against them. With a familiar RTS game mechanic (base-building, resources collection and combat) and a naval combat theme, Battle Pirates is highly recommended for the hardcore strategy gamer.

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Army Attack is a turn-based military-themed strategy game developed by Digital Chocolate, creator of the popular Millionaire City.The gameplay in Army Attack is similar to Advanced Wars and has a darker theme than its competitor.

The new social strategy game focuses on turn-based tactical combat with an option to build military buildings. The city-building aspect is heavily deemphasized. You will have to move your squad, expand territory and eliminate any hostile forces that come your way. The visuals are similar to Advance Wars and in spite of the dark theme the game mellows down with its cartoony visuals and provides a satisfying turn-based strategy game for Facebook users.

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