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Words with Friends

Words with Friends probably wouldn't recognize "wordsmithery" as a word (though, it totally should), but it would make a nasty 72 point triple word score. And soon, fans of the iOS and Android game for true word warriors will take the battle of wits to Facebook. Zynga announced that it is bringing Words with Friends to Facebook "soon," and that players will be able to play games from either platform--in the middle of said games.

Thanks to this web wizardry, you'll soon be able to start a game with a friend on your iPhone or Android phone on the morning commute, and pick that very same game up on Facebook in (hopefully) the office regardless of where your friend is playing the game from.

Alright, if that didn't sell you, Zynga is bringing a few new features, too, like the Brag Feed. This allows players to call out their friends on their Walls after nailing them with a massive triple word score or other not-so-friendly trash talking.

Words with Friends

The game will also feature Facebook requests to remind your friends of their pending moves, and requests to start new games or find new friends to play with through friend requests and Wall posts. Other than that, this sounds just like your stock Words with Friends, but literally wherever you are. (Great, now I'll never escape those bot program dictionary app-using cheaters.)

Zynga bought the original Words with Friends creators, Newtoy, late last year. And thanks to that, this is the first time Zynga has moved a mobile game to Facebook--though EA has essentially done the same with Scrabble for Facebook, iOS and Android. Now that Words with Friends will be available on your computer and your phone, you'll soon officially have no excuse for sucking at putting words together. You better starting training.



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