Leaderboards Update During Battle in Empires & Allies

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Empires & Allies

The competition just got that much more fierce in Empires & Allies.Zynga has finally released Leaderboards to the game. (You know that trophy icon that's been in the game since launch? It works now!) Clicking on the new Leaderboards feature opens up a window with lots of numbers, pictures and three tabs: Campaign Progress, Ore Investment and Damage Dash.

Campaign Progress -- (Complete the most campaign battles) is a standard leaderboard that simply compares your own progress in the game's storyline battles with that of your friends. Ore Investment and Damage Dash, however, are have an expiration date, and will reward players with prizes for placing each time the leaderboard closes.

Ore Investment -- (Spend the most Ore within the time period) tracks how much Ore players spend within a certain time--spend the most to climb to the top and win.

Damage Dash--(Deal the most combat damage within the time period) players will compete to deal the most damage across both invasions and campaign battles within the time period.

Empires & Allies

Players will receive what Zynga calls "milestone prizes" for reaching certain, well, milestones in their progress each week. For example, say you deal 100,000 damage in combat during the eight-day period. That's worth a Rafale Fighter this week--an item that costs Empire Points normally, and is no longer available.

Empires & Allies

But Trophies are for the true winners, as the top three contestants in both the Ore Investment and Damage Dash leaderboards will receive Trophies for bragging rights. Zynga says this is the first of many different Leaderboards, so go on and get yourself acquainted with getting owned.

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