Facebook Games Weekly News Wrap-up: Aug.8 to Aug.13

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I. First Look At Eternal Destiny Which Will Marche onto Facebook

Gravity Interactive, Inc. is very proud to announce the launch of their newest web-based MMORPG title, Eternal Destiny. There is no need to bother with downloading a huge client from a website and installing it onto your PC! The game will be available and free to play on Facebook starting August 11, 2011.

Eternal Destiny

Within the ever changing universe, the calm world is separated into several realms: Human, Demon, Asura, Infernal, Heavenly, and the unknown Chaos.

Unbeknownst to the various realms, a being called the God of Chaos, emerged to propagate his doctrine of the world where, "No rule cannot be broken, everything can be twisted." This God of Chaos caused much turmoil with all the paths crossing through one another. This event caused the boundaries of the realms to suddenly close and the realms were unable to return to their original state. This broke the stability within the realms and an endless war ensued. The world nearly collapsed under this turmoil.

The heroes from each realm began to ponder a solution to open the boundaries between each realm, in order to correct the problems that the God of Chaos created and to return the realms back to normal. However the strongest heroes of the realms were lost since the closing of the boundaries. Thus, the problem of how to find the boundaries of the realms and how to open them, become a more difficult puzzle to solve. At this crucial and dire moment in time, several virtuous heroes stepped forward to take on the challenge as they were unaffected by the doctrine of the God of Chaos. Join them as they fight strong enemies and take on the heavy burden of expelling the God of Chaos in order to regain control of this chaotic land!



II. Facebook vs Google+: Social Game Makers Ready to Hang Hats on Big G''s Network

Facebook VS Google+

Right now, Facebook is the place to be if you want to make social games for the Web. That's great if you're, say, a big fancy company like FarmVille-creator Zynga who has millions of dollars to spend on advertising and a cushy deal with the social network.

If you're a smaller game studio, Facebook has its severe limitations, which include making it next to impossible to getting the word out about a game (not to mention the hefty 30% cut that Facebook demands from all game developers.)

None of the other social gaming platforms -- MySpace, hi5 -- have managed to come close to mimicking Facebook's social gaming success, so many social game makers are looking to Google+ to, possibly, fill that void.

Pot Farm creator and East Side Games CEO Jason Bailey says in this Gamasutra article that that all social game makers are "crossing their fingers and bowing down to the almighty G and saying, 'Please, please let this work and give us a viable second platform where we can build our games.'"




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