Facebook How To: Add the Best Apps to Your Favorites List

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Depending on how active a Facebook gamer you happen to be, the left-hand side of your Home Page might be a bit cluttered, with icons for apps both large and small that you've accessed recently. If you're the kind that frequently tries new games, but may only play them once or twice before giving up on them, it can be a bit inconvenient when your favorite apps fall off of your visible list of apps, forcing you to load your app page and then find the app among every app you have installed on your account just to play them again.

Did you know that you can actually avoid this altogether, by adding apps to your Favorites? For most users, the Favorites section has just a few standard items in it: News Feed, Messages, Events and Friends. If you use this section to store your favorite games, like Bookmarks, you'll be able to avoid the stipulation that shows apps based on how frequently or how recently you played them, creating a (for now) permanent go-to list of your favorite games. Here's a guide on doing just that.

  • 1. Head to the Facebook Home Page by clicking on "facebook" in the top left-hand corner of any page on the site. From there, locate the first game that you'd like to add to your Favorites list, as seen below. As an example, move your FarmVille app link to your Favorites list.


  • 2. Hover your mouse to the right of the vertical black line that separates these Favorites and Apps lists from your News Feed proper. You'll see a small button appear. Click on this button to see three options: Add to Favorites, Edit Settings and Remove App.


  • 3. Click on Add to Favorites to see the app's link immediately jump into the Favorites list, and out of the Apps list. Continue to add apps until you have added all of the games you'd like to have instant, constant access to each time you login to Facebook.


As an aside, you do not want to click on the "Remove App" choice seen in Step 2, as this will uninstall the app entirely from your account, rather than just removing the link from this page.

Again, while the Favorites list might seem a bit useless, remember that the Apps list on the Home Page has been changed. You can no longer collapse and expand your list of most-used apps: You now have to load another page showing you a list of every app you have installed, whether you've used them recently or not.



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