Kiss & Tell: A Sims Social Love Story

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The Sims Social
The Sims Social Love Story

Probably more than anything else, The Sims Social is all about roleplaying and one of the things that I really hope we'll be able to create here on this site is life stories of your Sims or just little bits of their life, bits that matter. Like love and relationships: in The Sims Social things can go horribly wrong as well and finding your soul mate might be a difficult quest that often ends up with a dead end and lots of chocolate & ice cream eaten alone on the sofa while watching romantic movies.

And the story itself is a lot better than my intro, so without further ado, I invite you to check out Kiss & Tell, a Sims Social Love Story created by TheLastGirlScout and reposted here with permission:

"My Sim, Scout Golightly, is new but has had to learn about sim relationships the hard way. Only being 1 week old in the game she didn't know how the relationships worked so she jumped in head first.

She had many close friends and then one day one of her neighbors asked her if she wanted to date. He seemed nice enough she supposed. She agreed and they became involved. He said he had played the game longer so she trusted him since he seemed to be more experienced. She then found out he had been telling all of their friends and neighbors everything about their WooHoo life ((He was posting in the news feed every time he WooHoo'd her... sometimes 5x within a 15 min time period). Scout was so embarrassed. She didn't know how to handle the situation so she broke up with him. ((Ok seriously though...5 times in 15 minutes? wth!!))

Then a really cute friend of hers asked her out. She gladly accepted and for the next few days they were inseparable. They would always help each other by cleaning, repairing, and sending things to each other. Then, one day out of the blue, he told her that he wanted to be "just be friends". She was shocked but she understood. She saw that he was dating someone the next day. She tried not to let it bother her. (LOL)

Then, just when she was starting to enjoy her new found freedom a new guy moved to the neighborhood. He lived in one of the wealthier areas. He was cute, nice, and apparently rich. He began hanging out with Scout more and more until he finally asked her out. They've been totally inseparable for about 4 days (not sure what that translates to in sims time). Could this one be 'The One'?"

What do you think? Did Scout find true love? And what about your love life in The Sims Social? What spicy details do you have to share?



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