Facebook Games Weekly News Wrap-up: Aug.22 to Aug.27

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I. Zombie Lane Downtown Coming Soon

Zombie Lane

First it was a circus, now it's downtown. In the world of Zombie Lane the undead just keep spreading. And now Digital Chocolate has revealed that the next area players can expect to explore will be a new downtown section.

The news comes via the game's Facebook page, but absolutely no details have been given. All that we have to go on are three images and the phrase "Zombie Lane downtown coming soon!" Based on the images released, it looks like the downtown district will feature a number of buildings to explore, including a gas station, a super market, and thankfullly a gun store. You can never have too many of those in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

It also looks like the town mayor will be making an appearance, most likely to give players new quests to complete. No release date was given for the update, but should be coming soon.



II. Techno Kitten Adventure Brings The Ultimate Internet Meme to Facebook

Techno Kitten Adventure
Techno Kitten Adventure


If you've been a citizen of the Internet for longer than five minutes, you know what lolcats are. (If not, then you're clearly on the wrong Internet.) Merging two of the largest web phenomena to date--funny cat media and Facebook games--Florida-based developer 21st Street Games and New York-based design firm Elite Gudz have brought Techno Kitten Adventure to Facebook.

Originally released on Xbox Live Indies and the iOS App Store, the game has players guiding a kitty strapped to a jetpack through a tiny corridor of stars, avoiding blinking stars and attempting to see just what in the world is going on through ... more stars. Oh, and did we mention the thumping techno beats?




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