Empires & Allies Update: Special Forces Spectacular

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From Zynga: Empires & Allies this week brings the Special Forces Spectacular!

Special Forces Spectacular

The Special Forces Spectacular includes a whole new squad of powerful Spec Ops and Covert Ops units, including a few that are breaking new ground.

Special Forces Spectacular

And now, for example, you have the Spectre Gunship, in both a Stealth version and a Night Ops version!
If you're paying attention, you may notice that the Night Ops version of the Spectre Gunship is now the highest strength bomber in the game, with a strength of 275!

If you're not into air units, but would rather have one that walks on two legs, you can also pick up some Commando units via two purchase options. This is the first limited edition soldier that's been released in the game so take note: a single Commando unit costs 15 Empire Points and comes with a strength of 135, while you can also choose spend more (75 Empire Points, to be exact) to unlock the ability to create more of these Commandos inside your Barracks, even after they've expired from the store. Of course, you'll also receive a free unit with that unlock purchase price.


All of these units will be available for the next 13 days, but they're not alone, as new decorative items have launched as well. These are the Helipad, which costs 10,000 coins each, and the Black Obelisk at 15,000 coins. They, again, come with the same time limit for expiring from the store.

Introduce - Commando!

This guy is tough as nails (and kind of familiar looking...), with a strength of 135. They're also your first limited edition soldiers.

You've got a bunch of other bonuses and decorations available with this release, so go to town! Remember, these units are only available for a limited time—and keep your eyes out for a few more Spec Ops units on the horizon! They're sneaky...

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