Empires & Allies Finishes Special Forces Spectacular With Submarines

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By Joe Osborne From

Special Forces Spectacular

the spectacular event celebrating the best of the best in Empires & Alliescontinues. Though, this time you look past beefy Guile lookalikes and to the sea, as Zynga will soon introduce two submarine units to the game as part of the event. The Night Ops Boat and the Stealth Boat both feature the same item model, but with different colors and, of course, different stats. Check out both units below:

Stealth Boat

  • Level 20; 135 Health
  • Effective against Infantry, Battleships and Bombers
  • Costs 4,500 Coins, 300 Oil, 15 Ore

Night Ops Boat

  • Level 25, 175 Health
  • Effective against Infantry, Battleships and Bombers
  • Costs 8,000 Coins, 600 Oil, 30 Ore


Unfortunately, both the Stealth Boat and Night Ops Boat must be unlocked for unlimited use through paying up varying amounts of Empire Points dependent upon your level (up to 90!). The two new units round out this rather expensive event, and look to be the strongest Naval units in the game thus far. Well, great power comes with great price isn't that how it goes?

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