EA to The Sims Social Players: Sorry For the Bugs, Here's 150 SimCash

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The Sims Social

By Joe Osborne From

The Sims Social

It looks like that, for many a player, The Sims Social hasn't been without its problems even after it has soared to over 7.5 million daily players. But EA and Playfish are keeping their cool, in fact, so cool that they're making it rain on disgruntled Sims fans.

Several players on thePlayfish forums report receiving an email saying those who suffered a week-long glitch in which the game would not load past 65 percent will receive 150 SimCash, the game's paid currency, as compensation for the extensive outage.

Unfortunately, only players affected by the lengthy error will receive the email and the resultant 150 SimCash. When you receive the SimCash in-game, a message will appear in your messages page that reads "You have bought 150 SimCash." Confirmed by Playfish community manager Bevypoo, this will not bill you in anyway, regardless of the strange wording.

EA and Playfish sure know the way to players' hearts: more free stuff. Hopefully this will be enough to restore players' faith in the game even after its initial issues, because is there a better way to handle a situation like this than with freebies? Check out the full email for yourself:


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