CityVille Invaded by Empires & Allies' Captain Krunsch ?

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By Joe Osborne On

And here we thought we were done with cross promotions between Zynga games. It looks like Captain Krunsch, one of the villains within Zynga's Empires & Allies, has invaded the beaches in CityVille. The little guy has appeared on a stretch of rocks to players that have expanded out to the Beach in the game, and he has something to say.

CityVille Invaded by Empires & Allies' Captain Krunsch

"I could run this town in my sleep," the message from the miniature character reads as he lands on CityVille shores on a rowboat, megaphone in hand. "And I plan on sleeping in the governor's mansion tonight!" Basically, Krunsch is after Governor Phil, a relatively minor character in the game, for whatever reason.

It was our understanding that RewardVille, Zynga's program that rewards players with in-game items for playing more Zynga games daily, was to do away with the cross-game promotions of the developer's past. But we can't think of a better reason for this event than to promote Empires & Allies, which has been steadily losing monthly players since it peaked at over 53 million earlier this summer, according to AppData.

CityVille Invaded by Empires & Allies' Captain Krunsch

Perhaps Zynga is looking to its tried and true method of keeping its players in multiple games, meaning RewardVille might not be providing the results the company was hoping for. Hey, maybe everything is peachy keen and Zynga simply wants to try something new. Regardless, how this event will tie both games' overall narratives together is the most interesting mystery Captain Krunsch has stirred up yet. We'll keep you posted.



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