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First Look At Dexter Slice of Life: Stalks New Ground in Branded Games on Facebook


Dexter Slice of Life, the Facebook game in development at Ecko|Code (most recently of Weeds Social Club fame), looks to shake up the oft-scoffed at branded social games scene and leave a few nicks here and there. Ecko|Code Executive VP of Product Development Marc Fernandez is confident that Dexter Slice of Life will set a new standard for branded games on Facebook.

"We're big fans of the brand," Fernandez says of the Ecko|Code team, which already created a Dexter game for iOS devices. "We've continued to develop it and we have high hopes for it. When I sort of worked out Dexter Slice of Life, I wanted to do something very, very ambitious."

And based on both the game's teaser trailer and what Fernandez shared with us recently, Dexter Slice of Life is up to some never-before-seen concepts in a social game. Sure, 3D graphics have been done before, but is that a shockingly accurate recreation (for a Facebook game) of Dexter star Michael C. Hall in that trailer? Why yes, yes it is. But Fernandez is even more excited about how directly involved the game will be with Season 6 of Dexter when it airs Oct. 2.




CityVille Invaded by Empires & Allies' Captain Krunsch ?

And here we thought we were done with cross promotions between Zynga games. It looks like Captain Krunsch, one of the villains within Zynga's Empires & Allies, has invaded the beaches in CityVille. The little guy has appeared on a stretch of rocks to players that have expanded out to the Beach in the game, and he has something to say.

CityVille Invaded by Empires & Allies' Captain Krunsch

"I could run this town in my sleep," the message from the miniature character reads as he lands on CityVille shores on a rowboat, megaphone in hand. "And I plan on sleeping in the governor's mansion tonight!" Basically, Krunsch is after Governor Phil, a relatively minor character in the game, for whatever reason.




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