Empires & Allies Battle Blitz: Global PvP and Special Prizes

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Battle Blitz is a whole new battlefield, and the biggest addition to the Empires & Allies yet! With Battle Blitz, you'll be able to invade and do battle with friends and enemies all over the world—and in the process, you'll win some shiny new rewards. But be careful! It's dangerous out there!

Here's how it works:

First, you click on the Battle Blitz button on your Neighbor Bar.

Battle Blitz

When you do, the brand new Battle Blitz bar will appear on the bottom of your screen!

Battle Blitz

All you have to do is click on the first opponent in the bar. You'll be taken to your target's Empire, to choose an invasion site just like you're used to. If you successfully invade that player, you'll earn Battle Blitz Tokens!

Battle Blitz Tokens, of course, can be spent in the Prize Machine!

Prize Machine

Each spin on the Prize Machine costs 5 tokens, and you can earn more tokens by completing the invasions on the Battle Blitz Bar.

Remember: As you get further on up the bar, the rewards get better and better!

Battle Blitz

But General Dogsworth, if you don't want to participate in Battle Blitz! How do you opt out?

Getting involved in a global battle can be dangerous, and you know sometimes people don't want to throw down the gauntlet with invaders from the whole world—after all, if you can invade other people, they can invade you!

Fortunately, Battle Blitz gives you a few convenient ways to opt out. First of all, you can declare Immunity in your Immunity Tower.

Immunity Tower

"But General Dogsworth," you saying, "what if i don't want to invade strangers, but I still want to invade my friends?" Have no fear! Just pop open the Battle Blitz Bar and click on the flag icon on the left side. It looks like this:

Battle Blitz

You can just click this icon to leave Battle Blitz. You can click the Battle Blitz button on your Neighbor Bar at any time to get back in the action.

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