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Adventure Wrold

By Brandy Shaul From

Amid the fanfare of Zynga's newest gameAdventure World officially joining forces with the Indiana Jones brand, it might be easy to let the idea of RewardVille prizes slip your mind. Still, if you're an active player of many of Zynga's games, you'll be able to trade in your hard-earned zCoins for some prizes within this newest offering.

Adventure World

Unfortunately, there's a fairly slim selection of items available: just seven, to be specific. While some are functional items, the others can be used as decorations back in your Base Camp. Here's a complete rundown of the newly available prizes, along with their prices.

available prizes

  • Telescope - 200 zCoins
  • Floodlight - 155 zCoins
  • Outhouse - 120 zCoins
  • Dynamite Stick - 100 zCoins
  • Water - 62 zCoins
  • Fuel - 62 zCoins
  • Food - 62 zCoins

As you might have guessed, these Dynamite, Fuel, Water and Food items are those that you need to complete various Expeditions and quests within the game. The Dynamite in particular is fairly worthwhile, if you have plenty of zCoins to spare, as you'll be left spending 1,000 coins on a single stick if you purchase it within the game.

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