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Empires & Allies Battle Blitz: Global PvP and Special Prizes


Battle Blitz is a whole new battlefield, and the biggest addition to the Empires & Allies yet! With Battle Blitz, you'll be able to invade and do battle with friends and enemies all over the world—and in the process, you'll win some shiny new rewards. But be careful! It's dangerous out there!

Here's how it works:

First, you click on the Battle Blitz button on your Neighbor Bar.

Battle Blitz

When you do, the brand new Battle Blitz bar will appear on the bottom of your screen!



Indiana Jones Whips His Way onto Adventure World!

Adventure Wrold

Alright adventurers, time to hold on to those sweet, suede fedoras. Zynga have a runaway boulder of excitement to share.

Adventure World Indiana Jones

Zynga is proud to announce that they’re teaming up with Lucasfilm to bring Indiana Jones - the KING of lost idol hunting, bull whipping, holy grail-ing and flying (but not landing) - to your favorite adventure game. Adventure World: An Indiana Jones Game will be coming soon to a browser near you. Adventure World unlocks a whole wide world of exploration, discovery and puzzle-solving fun, and the world just wouldn’t be the same without the icon that defines adventure as they know it.




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