The Sims Social: Celebrate the Last Days of Summer with New Summer House Theme

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The Sims Social

By Brandy Shaul From

The Sims Social Summer Theme

With the mass popularity of The Sims Social on Facebook, it's no surprise that Playfish / EA are continually adding new decorative items to the game's store, allowing you to personalize your home in new ways.

Specifically, this week sees the launch of a "Summer House" theme of items, with items being available for your living room, bedroom and even outdoor areas. There are also plenty of decorative items here to take a look at. Check them out!

SolTrain Cubic (Shelving Unit)

  • Costs: 35 SimCash
  • Value: $5,150

SolTrain Chair (Buildable item)

  • Costs: 2,250 coins
  • Value: $1,800

SolTrain Kingsize (Bed)

  • Costs: 79 SimCash
  • Value: $11,700
  • Sleep Stat: 11

SolTrain Rays (Lamp)

  • Costs: 3 SimCash
  • Value: $450

BasketCase Travel (Requires Level 30)

  • Value: $350

SolTrain UV Lite

  • Costs: 12 SimCash
  • Value: $1,750

BasketCase XL (Requires Level 30)

  • Value: $600

SolTrain UV XL (Lamp)

  • Costs: 22 SimCash
  • Value: $3,250

Summer Tones (Painting - requires level 30)

  • Value: $750

Woody Divider (Requires Level 24)

  • Value: $1,300

The Sims Social Summer Items

SolTrain BagelUp

  • Costs: 5 SimCash
  • Value: $750

Woody Boxout B (Kitchen cabinet - requires Level 26 - Buildable item)

  • Value: $1,650

Woody Boxout L (Kitchen Cabinet - requires Level 26 - Buildable item)

  • Value: $1,650

SolTrain Panama (Outdoor Bed)

  • Costs: 49 Sim Cash
  • Value: $7,250

SolTrain Snug (Buildable item - requires Level 30)

  • Value: $2,200

Palm Tree

  • Costs: 1,750 coins
  • Value: $1,650
  • Happiness Stat: 3
  • Social Stat: 3

SolTrain Parasol

  • Costs: 59 SimCash
  • Value: $8,700

SolTrain Swing (Buildable item - requires Level 30)

  • Value: $4,850
  • Sleep Stat: 3

UltiMax Top Deck (Stereo)

  • Costs: 59 SimCash
  • Value: $8,700
  • Fun Stat: 5

In addition to all of these items in The Sims Social, there's a full set of windows available in the Build menu is a new "Alpine" theme, which consists of a dark tan, almost orange colored frame. Four flooring options are available for either Social Points or (at most) a single SimCash per tile, and the theme is rounded out with a "SolTrain Beach" wallpaper that costs 55 Social Points per square.

Social Points

As with previously released themes, these Summer House items don't appear to be limited edition; rather, they should be available permanently in The Sims Social's store. That being the case, you should be able to save up coins, or Social Points, or have time to purchase SimCash long into the future to create this theme in your home as far into the future as you like.

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