Raptr Report Reveals: Zynga Games Rival Core Games in Total Playtime, Franchise Strength

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Raptr, the leading social network for gamers, has released a Raptr Report, which examines Zynga's ability to attract, convert, and engage its sizeable audience, and compares habits of social gamers and core gamers.

"Zynga has had an undeniable impact on the gaming landscape,"said Dennis Fong, CEO of Raptr. "However, little is known about the behavior of Zynga's players. By looking at the actual gameplay habits of real users, we're able to get a deeper understanding of how Zynga has been able to dominate the social gaming space and command one of the highest projected IPO valuations this decade."
Some key findings of this exclusive study include:

  • Ville-series (FarmVille, CityVille, etc.) fans log as much cumulative playtime as fans of the top core gaming franchises.
  • Ville-series fans average eight quick sessions a day, while core gamers play fewer but longer sessions.
  • Zynga's top games rack up three times more hours of playtime than the rest of the top 10 social games combined.
  • Zynga has one of the industry's highest conversion rates from game to game, consistently pulling in more than 90 percent of its players from the user base of its other games.
  • A third of Xbox 360 players have played a Zynga game, which is up 50 percent from the year before, indicating a rising crossover trend.
  • Zynga's "Two-Percenters," the most active users, play more than 120 minutes a day.


This report is based on data collected from Raptr's service. Raptr is the leading social network for gamers and currently tracks gameplay activity for over 10 million users across PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. Built with powerful proprietary data tracking features, Raptr analyzes more than 23 million gaming sessions and a billion minutes of gameplay each month, and Raptr is the industry's only source for comprehensive gameplay trends and statistics across console platforms and PC.

This Raptr Report analyzes actual gameplay data for the following Zynga games: Empires & Allies, CityVille, Treasure Isle, FrontierVille, Cafe World, FarmVille, Texas Hold'em Poker, PetVille, YoVille, and Mafia Wars.  Data is compiled from the launch of Raptr (2007) to August 2011.

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