The Sims Social Yanked Millions of Zynga Players - Raptr Report

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The Sims Social

Raptr, the leading social network for gamers, has released a new Raptr Report that analyzes the growing popularity of EA's blockbuster social game The Sims Social, which has captured more than 66 million players on Facebook. The report also examines EA's potential opportunity to capture more market share in the social gaming space. The Sims Social study follows up last month's Raptr Report, which detailed Zynga's success in the social games industry and the company's ability to attract, convert, and engage its sizeable audience. This Raptr Report on The Sims Social is available for free.

Raptr Report on The Sims Social

"EA is a rising force in the social games industry," said Dennis Fong, CEO of Raptr. “Data from the previous Raptr Report outlined the strength of Zynga's position in the social gaming space, but EA is poised to capture significant market share if it can capitalize on the popularity of The Sims Social.

With this report we examine the basis of The Sims Social's success and the potential significance of EA acquisitions of Playfish and PopCap to the company's future social strategy."
Some key findings of the Raptr Report: The Sims Social include:

  • EA drove millions of players from The Sims 3 and the company's other social games to The Sims Social, but an even greater portion of the game's user base is comprised of Zynga game players.
  • The Sims Social players average eight sessions per day, five minutes per session – mirroring the playtime patterns of Zynga's most successful games rather than most of EA's previous social titles.
  • EA's acquisition of PopCap gave the company instant access to a number of strong casual brands – and 59%-75% of that user base already plays social games as well, which is more than double compared with EA's traditional game franchises.

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