Empires & Allies Sneak Peek: Yamato II, Experimental Units and Mastery Factory

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If you look closely at your Empire today, you may find a peace offering from one Kai Tana!

Yamato II

This is the beginning of a whole new quest series! Here's how it works: A series of 6 quests, each of which has its own special rewards. Each day, a new quest unlocks—you can only do the first quest on day 1, while you can do the first and second quests on day 2, etc. If you complete all the quests before the timer runs out, you'll get a brand new elite Yamato II Battleship!

Once you've unlocked all the different quests, you can repeat them and get more Yamato II Battleships!

That isn't all that's coming out today—we're also releasing a whole batch of new Experimental Units!

Experimental Units

Dr. Seabolt has been hard at work! We've got a whole bunch of new Experimental Units rolling out!

Lastly, the Mastery Factory rolls out!

Mastery Factory

It's time to start cashing in those tokens from Campaign Mastery! You can turn them in here to build special, extra-powerful Golden versions of the normal villain units!

Campaign Mastery

You can now go back and re-play all those old campaign missions for special rewards!

Clearing all the battles in a certain island a second time will earn you a star on that island, as well as a token! Keep these tokens, you'll be able to save them up to purchase rewards later! or use tokens for Mastery Factory.

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