Compare Apples to Apples on Facebook, Mobile This Winter

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Apples to Apples

Look, if you've never played Apples to Apples before, just go out to Walmart or something and fork up the 20 bucks. THQ and Mattel have announced that they're working to bring the awesome board game to Facebook and mobile this winter.

Better yet, like Zynga's Words With Friends, the game will be playable across platforms. This means players can challenge their friends in games of goofy comparisons from either Facebook or their mobile device (likely iOS and Android), and their friends can respond from either device. The game is quite simple: One player chooses a card from a deck with an adjective, while the other players choose one card from their hand with a person, place or thing of note. The former then chooses which card they think fits bests, generally based on whether it's funny which is almost always the case.

On Facebook and mobile, players will be able to create their own games with their friends or jump into existing games with random players. Through playing Apples to Apples, you'll earn Apple Coins, Apple Cash and Apple Achievements to unlock additional avatars, playing cards and themed backgrounds, according to a release.

THQ and Mattel are also releasing the game for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network for $10, but maybe the Facebook and mobile versions will be free. And you can also imagine that Apples to Apples will create awkward situations when players inexplicably laugh to themselves in public.



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