The Sims Social Sets a Spine-Chilling Scene with New Halloween Images

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The Sims Social

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The Sims Social Halloween Items

Seriously, this is just downright creepy for a Facebook game. EA and Playfish have provided you with some images featuring some of the new Halloween items you can pick up in The Sims Social right now. This week's theme appears to have lots to do with throwing a Halloween bash, but with a deathly dash of Halloween movie allusions thrown in.

Namely, allusions to some of the creepiest flicks around like The Shining, Nightmare on Elm Street and The Ring. Sure, the launch trailer for The Sims Social was arguably creepy on one level, but this image is another level of disturbing entirely.

The below screen shot features a brand new item, the Witch's Broomstick. This new accessory costs just 1,750 Simoleons and is said to grant players with some new animations to enjoy. It can also boost Hygiene and Fun stats, though it requires building. That lucky girl flying away on the Broomstick is surrounded by numerous items found under the "Special" tab in the shop now.

The Sims Social Witch's Broomstick

Finally, this last image of Sims throwing a Halloween party is certainly the most tame. Well, aside from the dude in that skeleton costume--who wears those anymore? The various decorations can also be found under the "Special" tab. More important, however, is that glowing cauldron. It's called the Haunted Cauldron, and players can pick this bad boy up for serious cash: 59 SimCash, to be exact. Mastering cooking skills on this appliance will reward you with a Golden Cauldron.

The Sims Social Halloween party

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