Empires & Allies Sneak Peek: Molten Terror - the Second Campaign

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If you're level 25 or above in Empires & Allies, and have already completed most everything given to you from the start of the game, you'll be happy to know that an entire second campaign has been launched in the game! This second campaign is called Molten Terror, and it comes complete with plenty of new features.

Empires & Allies Molten Terror

In Molten Terror, the Molten Reef Islands have been almost entirely ruined by the eruption of a massive mega-volcano, and you're out to save the survivors. You'll face new enemies along the way, in terms of both units that you'll face in battle, and the "bosses" that are controlling them.

New Enemies

Molten Terror New Enemies

New Quests

Molten Terror New Quests

For instance, you'll face a man named Lt. Basil Fletcher, who originally trained with Sergeant Cross. He's a weapons salesman, so you know he'll likely pack a punch! Of course, you'll also have new quests to complete to go along with these new enemies, and to introduce you to the second campaign overall.

New Villains

Molten Terror New Villains

In addition to this, these new islands will be themed appropriately, with islands that are on fire or covered in lava, and new, sometimes tropical themed troops to defeat.

New Islands

Molten Terror New Islands

New Battlefields

If you've yet to complete the game's first campaign, Wrath of the Raven, you can easily switch between the two campaigns using an icon in the bottom right corner of the game screen. Again, you must be level 25 to access this second campaign, regardless of your progress in the first. Now, if you are level 25 and you still haven't received it, you'll need to be a bit more patient, as this will roll out to users everywhere in due time.

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