Disney's Playdom Developing 'City of Warfare' Game? Trademarks Filed

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City of Might

According to four trademark filings with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, it appears Disney's Playdom is developing a new social game called 'City of Warfare' to expand upon its City-franchise.

City of Warfare

If it's anything like Playdom's other games, which includes 'City of Wonder', chances are players will build armies in 'City of Warfare' and battle other cities.

Oddly enough, Playdom has developed a game called 'City of Might' which has been in closed BETA since March.  Based on the game titles alone, it sounds like 'City of Might' and 'City of Warfare' are a lot alike.  Playdom even describes City of Might as, "a game where you build a mighty city and defeat your enemies in epic battles."

It's quite possible City of Might is being rebranded as City of Warfare, as no trademark applications are on file for City of Might.

All four trademark applications for City of Warfare were filed on October 26, 2011, by Disney and involve an online virtual community, online social networking services, and entertainment and education services. The 'Goods and Services' are nearly identical to its Gnome Town filings.

Click here to know more detailed look at each of the trademark filings >>



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