What Your Friends are Playing this Week on Facebook?

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Zynga's newest Facebook game feels like FrontierVille, plays like CityVille, and has some of the best music - social or console. Like Ravenskye City, the game started off a bit stingy with the energy gauge, which limits gameplay sessions to maybe 20 minutes once per day. It looks like Zynga has tweaked the amount of energy a player can earn by performing tasks like chopping down trees or constructing buildings, however, meaning you can now potentially play more times per day without getting out your wallets. The PvE could use some work as you will waste a lot of the energy gauge beating on wolves and rats even after crafting special items that ostensibly kill them off more quickly. [Learn More >>]

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Metrogames second fashion title for Facebook puts a lot of emphasis on the daily outfits players choose for their avatars. It also features several mini-games that are incorporated into the daily quests that players complete to earn more virtual currency to spend on items. You've had more fun playing these mini-games, which include a hidden object game and a pipes puzzle, than you have had shopping for clothes in COCO Girl. Maybe if there weren't so many restrictions on which types of clothes players could buy (Heart type, actual price, Facebook Credits-only, etc.), you'd pay more attention to the shopping part.[Learn More >>]

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The Sims Social

EA's Facebook version of its Sims series started off as a 10 in our minds, but now that the game is three months old, it's lost some of that newness that lent the game such a broad appeal. Lately, your gameplay sessions consist of clicking through requests in your inbox and looking for new stuff to buy in the store, since you've maxed out both our skill levels on a variety of objects and our trait levels. Unless EA Playfish adds a significant game-changer in the next week or so (pets, the ability to have babies, group lots we can visit to do other stuff besides shop), you'll probably shelve this to focus on newer games. [Learn More >>]

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Bubble Witch Saga

Web and social game developer has a habit of breaking out games from its Facebook portal into standalone social games that net the developer a new audience. The latest of these games to get the "Saga" treatment is Bubble Witch Saga. It's a fairly simple game that builds on the Snood concept where players fire a colored projectile from the bottom of the screen into a cluster of multicolored objects clustered at the top, trying to match a minimum of three by color. When the player gets a match, the objects are cleared from the board permanent. [Learn More >>]

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