Top Eleven Meets a New Challenger in The Sun Football Legends

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The Sun Football Legends

By Joe Osborne From

The Sun Football Legends

The Sun--one the UK's leading tabloids--has launched its first Facebook game. Developed by social game maker Enteraction, The Sun Football Legends allows players to create their own legendary soccer football player both on and off the field. The Sun Football Legends attempts to bring skill-based gameplay to sports games on Facebook, but you be the judge of whether that's successful.

Players are tasked with performing well in key roles during a given football match like successfully head-butting a ball or making a simple goal through timed clicking challenges. Successful games have players level up their completely personalized football legends with attribute points, and allow them to purchase clothes and other items for their legends. Players can eventually create a team full of legends.

The Sun Football Legends

"We are hugely excited about launching this game with The Sun, and our innovative partnership with them," Enteraction managing director Andy Rogers said in a release. "They have shown time and time again that they understand their audience and how to market products which exceed expectations. They are market leaders in other gaming sectors and we are confident that this will be no exception."

Outside the field, players can take their legends on outings that could draw a few laughs (or a scandal all their own). However, players can only make moves in these outings once an hour, and there isn't much to them other than choosing an option out of three. While your mileage with The Sun Football Legends may vary, this could be the first newspaper to launch a Facebook game. So, The Sun Football Legends is worth a shot if only to see whether this is a trend other newspapers should hop on or avoid entirely.

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