Triviador: Who Doesn't Like Being Smart, Smarter, or the Smartest?

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Triviador is a great online adventure where you can test yourself, your friends and others all over the world! It is a unique mixture of suspenseful gaming, education and social media on Facebook.

Triviador long ago conquered Hungary and since its global November launch, is quickly marching across the rest of the world. Since the launch, Triviador has already captivated 200,000 monthly players in almost 200 countries and will be releasing a USA version in December.


Triviador's success is due to a clever blend of strategy and trivia, where players can enjoy simultaneously playing, learning and chatting. Knowledge and speed equal success. Three live Facebook users face off with each other with facts as their weapons – no guns or tanks – but plenty of battles for territories, castles and gold.

In the game, each player is dropped randomly into one of 15 territories on a world map. In the opening "Conquest" phase, the players can expand their own empire by giving the right answers to a total of 4 questions / challenges. The winners get to choose from the remaining 12 territories – but they must choose strategically.


Once all of the territories are occupied, the battle begins! There are 4 rounds of 4 questions each, with the winners of the opening Conquest given the first choice of who to attack; the first place winner of each Conquest round gets two choices and the second and third, one choice. Fighting takes the form of answering a mix of multiple choice and guess questions. Each challenge is between only two players, while the third watches the battle and can rate the quality of the questions. The player with the right answer occupies the defeated territory and wins the current value of the territory in points.

If both players answer correctly in the multiple choice questions, another question is presented. If both players answer correctly in the guess questions, the fastest answer is victorious.

All players have a main base castle with 3 towers and all other territories are occupied by 1 tower. If their main castle is challenged and loses 3 times, the player surrenders all territories and points, and their Adventure is over.


The Adventures last about 10 minutes and require continuous concentration and an eye for strategy – and the excitement can quickly begin again when finishing your game by simply beginning a new one. The graphics and sound are exceptionally well done, engaging and often funny. But beware! This game is extremely addictive!

THX Games PLC is already boasting the leading online trivia games in 7 European countries, but as they expand globally into different languages and national versions, Triviador will soon conquer world of online trivia games.

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