Bingo Fans! Gamesville's Pirate Cove Bingo Sails on Facebook

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Pirate Cove Bingo

Gamesville is a large web games portal that's been proudly "Wasting your time since 1996". Back in March, Gamesville debuted their another Facebook game, Pirate Cove Bingo, as a Facebook exclusive, along with their usual promises of free cash drawings and prizes for players.

By Jenny Ng From

Gamesville unleashed another Facebook game today, a pirate-themed bingo game, with a rum-lovin' pirate announcer in tow, called Pirate Cove Bingo. Unlike Super Chef Full Boil, a puzzler that required Facebook players to register on to participate in free cash and prize drawings, Pirate Cove Bingo is Facebook player-friendly.

Pirate Cove Bingo Screenshot

In Pirate Cove Bingo, there's a $25 USD daily sweepstakes drawing. Every player gets unlimited White Cards and 5 Gold Cards per day to play bingo. If you get a bingo while using a Gold Card, the Gold Card becomes submitted as an entry to the day's daily sweepstakes.

However, only players from the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada who are 18 years-old and above are eligible for the sweepstakes. On top of that, Canadians have an extra hurdle where they must "answer a mathematical, time-limited question administered by telephone, mail or email" if they are chosen as winners. (This requirement is likely a quirk of Canadian law, and not the fault of Gamesville, which is based in Waltham, MA.)

Pirate Cove Bingo Screenshot

Like most Facebook games, it's free-to-play. There's already future plans to offer a level and ranking system, new game rooms, and coins later on. The thirty-three seconds between rounds are used to run commercials for the game's sponsors. you can see one recurring commercial for the Nintendo 3DS so far. As for social elements, there's a chat room and leaderboard of the eleven, most recent sweepstakes winners.

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