Spicy Horse Enters the Social Games Arena with BigHead BASH

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BigHead BASH

Spicy Horse is gearing up for another game release, but this time they'll be taking a slightly different route with the upcoming Facebook game, BigHead BASH.

By DANIEL WISE From VideoGameWriters

BigHead BASH is new adventure from Spicy Horse is taking social gaming to a different level with a team deathmatch inspired approach where a group of friends can team up and battle against other teams around Facebook. This is a radical departure from the traditional PC and console developer, but they are still keeping that sick and twisted Spicy Horse vibe that fans have come to know and love.

BigHead BASH is a free-to-play deathmatch team-vs-team game tentatively scheduled to come out on Facebook in February 2012. Players will choose among nine starting basic characters that can be customized later. There are three figures each from Attack Force (army toys), Fluf (stuffed animals) and BOTS (electronic gizmos). However, as expected from all free-to-play games, there are sets of premium toys that are modeled after licenses from other creative companies, including fashion icons, video game characters and musical acts.

BigHead BASH

Players can purchase these extras in-game, but real-life vinyl toy collectibles will also be made available. There are a number of unique weapons available as well, and some of them are licensed, such as the Core and Arctic hand-held lasers from Wicked Lasers.

BigHead BASH

You can check out the latest news directly from Spicy Horse via their BigHead BASH facebook fan page, so you can get right into the action on launch day. However, between now and the release date, you can check out Spicy Horse's official DeviantArt page, YouTube channel andTumblr blog. Spicy Horse is currently running a Facebook exclusive contest for the first 1, 3 and 5 thousand fans who "like"their page.

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