Facebook Games Weekly News Wrap-up: Dec. 12 to Dec. 18

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Nexon Christens Wonder Cruise on Facebook

Wonder Cruise

Wonder Cruise is the latest social gaming offering from Nexon on Facebook. The title is currently in open beta, having gone live in "pre-beta" form in August of this year.

Similar to Perfect World's ailing Perfect Getaway, Wonder Cruise, players are in charge of operating a luxury cruise ship and tending to the needs of their passengers. They do this by stocking up on supplies, building attractions, and directing their passengers to them. These, in turn, pay out coins, the game's soft currency. Supplies for the attractions become depleted and must be re-stocked. If players run out of supplies, more can be purchased. They're also able to take their ships to new ports of call, and earn coins and experience for doing so.

Wonder Cruise


CastleVille: Zynga Begins Cross-Promotional Activities for Free Crowns


CastleVille Cross-Promotional Activities

As with any of Zynga's games on Facebook, the more premium currency you have on hand (or the more real-world money you're willing to spend), the easier you progress. The same can be said with CastleVille. While you can make your way through this Kingdom-building game for free, never spending a dime of your own money, wouldn't it still be nice to be able to splurge on a premium decoration or clothing item for your avatar every now and again? Or, better yet, if you're trying to finish a limited time goal, and are almost out of time, wouldn't you like to be able to spend a couple of Crowns to do just that?

Luckily, Zynga wants to help you out there, as its launched a new cross-promotional activity under the game's flash window, offering four free Crowns for completing an activity sponsored by MasterCard. This is a similar setup to those free Farm Cash giveaways in FarmVille, and this will likely just be the first of many. For this particular promotion, you'll need to complete a survey about Black Friday deals - yes, it's a bit late topically, but you can't argue with free Crowns. Unfortunately, there's no text confirmation in this activity window that you've actually earned your Crowns, but once you finish the survey questions and see a blue and white "X" appear, you can (fairly) confidently close this window. You'll likely need to refresh your game in order to see your new Crowns in your account, but they should be there safe and sound when you return.




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