Vostu Is Betting In-Game Radio Service for Social Games

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Vostu is taking to the airwaves with new in-game radio stations for its two most popular social games, Mini Fazenda and MegaCity. The service — the first of its kind in social games — is now available for players on Facebook and Orkut.

By Kathleen De Vere From Inside Social Games

Vostu Co-Founder and Chief Scientist Mario Schlosser told that "The in-game radio is the result of four months of rapid development, testing, licensing, and a highly successful beta period. The idea was born after the Vostu team started to realize how much of a premium on-screen real estate was at."

Vostu In-Game Radio Service

"The way social games work and how they become a good business is not by having one breakout hit, but by understanding how to make users move between your games to keep churn on your userbase low," explains Schlosser. "We were implementing] chat and messaging between games and we suddenly realized that anything we jam into these games takes away from the real estate on the screen. But one channel that's totally underexploited is the audio channel. All social games seem to have this ridiculously cheesy elevator 'muzak' running in the background, so we thought, why don't we do something with that channel?"

Audio-visual content had already proven to be a big hit with MegaCity players after a spring campaign with with Brazilian singer/actress Ivete Sangalo, so the plan quickly came together to create an in-game radio station with continuous content and music.

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