Michael Buble Snaps and Saunters Into CityVille in Time for Christmas

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Michael Buble has finally arrived in Zynga's number one social game, CityVille. The new age crooner is likely the final celebrity to land in a Zynga game in 2011, so the developer went big with this one. Like Mr. Iglesias before him, Buble will stroll the streets of your city, spouting out various sayings as you interact with him.

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"I am always looking for exciting ways to keep in touch with my fans across the world," Buble said about the promotion in a release. "By celebrating Christmas in CityVille, players and fans get to connect with me in a new way, and have a happy holiday, both in the game with my avatar and at home with friends and family."

Michael Buble Snaps and Saunters Into CityVille

It seems the guy dug the idea so much that he made a music video that fans can only access through CityVille. In order to unlock to exclusive video, players must help Michael build a holiday bonfire so that he and his band can play for the townsfolk. Along the way, you'll receive various items that give hints as to what the Canadian crooner is into, like a Segway, turntable, sushi, hockey stick and a tie.

Zynga games have been rife with celebrity and brand promotions this year. Everyone from Michael Jackson to Lady Gaga and brands like Best Buy and Indiana Jones have been honored in the company's games. It makes you wonder how the big red dog will outdo itself next year.



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