Grave Maker Will Spook Up Facebook, iPhone and Android Next Year

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YoYo Games, the leading portal for user-generated game content, is pleased to announce that Grave Maker, its first 'true' social game, is available to demo in beta form on the YoYo Games website.

By Kiran Voleti From Social Gaming Hub

Developed entirely with YoYo Games'GameMaker platform, Grave Maker runs in HTML5 and will soon be available for web-based Facebook, iOS and Android devices, thanks to easy export functionality in GameMaker: Studio, the upcoming latest version of its widely acclaimed game development framework.

Grave Maker

Grave Maker is a novel take on the social gaming template, blending several classic Facebook genres into one freemium title. Players take on the role of the grave digger, who has a surprising talent for bringing the recently deceased back to life, much to the enragement of the local townsfolk. With baying crowds knocking on the gates, players must build and manage their graveyards in order to raise an army of the undead capable of fending off the angry townsfolk. Running in HTML5, Grave Maker demonstrates the power and versatility of GameMaker, and, in a first for YoYo Games, Grave Maker will be launched simultaneously on three formats – Facebook, iOS and Android.Grave Maker is truly cross-platform in the most modern sense, with one account for all formats. This means that a game started on Facebook can be picked up on an Android or iOS device and vice versa.

Grave Maker

Grave Maker's cross-platform support is only possible thanks to GameMaker's HTML5 support and GameMaker: Studio's easy export pipeline, which allows a single code and asset base to be deployed to a wide range of current devices, platforms and standards. Game Maker: Studio will be launching in early 2012, soon after Grave Maker's official launch in February 2012.

Stuart Poole, head of publishing, YoYo Games comments: "Grave Maker is a huge project for YoYo Games and in many ways, it represents the culmination of everything we;ve been working towards with the Game Maker package." He continues, "Grave Maker is every bit a modern social game, but its cross-platform abilities and the power of GameMaker's HTML5 support means that the player gets the same gameplay experience across all three platforms, with the game in play accessible from any of them, at any time."

Click here to try out Grave Maker on YoYo Games >>



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