CastleVille Sneak Peek: New Years Eve Items

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The new year creeps just around the corner, and it simply wouldn't be right if every Zynga game and its mother failed to celebrate. As a result, brand new New Year's Eve items have appeared in CastleVille, and they're all limited edition.

The lot of the new items are what you'd expect: Plenty of festive explosives and some fancy items. But there are a few you might have thought up.

CastleVille New Year Eve Items

Ear Muffs

  • 5 Crowns

New Year's Tiara

  • 5 Crowns

New Year's Hat

  • 10 Crowns

Snowy Dress

  • 10 Crowns

Snowy Top and Gloves

  • 10 Crowns

Bell of the Year

  • 8 Crowns

CastleVille New Year Eve Items

Blue Luminary Candle

  • 3 Crowns


  • 500 Coins


  • 4 Crowns

Party Hearty Snowman

  • 5 Crowns

CastleVille New Year Eve Items

Party Moose

  • 30 Crowns

Party Table

  • 8 Crowns

Red Luminary Candle

  • 3 Crowns


  • 1,500 Coins

Yearling Moose

  • 32 Crowns

It's sad (and rather upsetting, really) that the lot of these items cost Crowns. Well, at least the non-payers can celebrate with a few Sparklers when Dec. 31 rolls around. Who knows, maybe the New Year will inspire some to make it rain.



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