Zynga's Hidden Chronicles is Live on Facebook

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After a first look at Hidden Chronicles, it's clear that Hidden Chronicles is an intriguing, more mature step for Zynga. Hidden Chronicles launches today on Facebook in 15 languages.

By Joe Osborne From

"This is a game for everyone. If you've ever read Highlights magazine at the dentist's office, that's sort of the childlike version, Ely told. "Thematically, we do have this mystery, we have this element of 'The Da Vinci Code' a little bit. There's this thread line of a mystery throughout. I think the storyline is certainly a bit more sophisticated."

Players, who arrive at this mysterious estate to investigate their uncle's death, basically inherit the property. This allows you to curate your new mansion with new decorations, which unlock new hidden-object scenes to solve. Of course, you can visit your friends' estates, and hide secret packages for them to find and open. These usually contain coins to buy more decorations with or reputation points, a social staple in Zynga games that, when enough are amassed, unlock even more scenes to tackle.

Hidden Chronicles appears to do a wonderful job in the visuals and sound department, a Facebook experience perhaps only a studio with Zynga's resources can provide. Ely's vast experience in the hidden-object world shines throughout, and will especially blow away those who have yet to play such a game on Facebook. And while even those that have might have a similar reaction, Hidden Chronicles looks as if it's an (far more robust) echo of those games.

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