Disney's First Branded Facebook Game Will Be Marvel: Avengers Alliance

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Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Disney has finally revealed what its first Disney branded Facebook game will be and its not what many expected — Marvel: Avengers Alliance, a combat RPG set in the Marvel superhero universe.

By Kathleen De Vere From Inside Social Games

While it's well known Disney Playdom is currently working games based on Disney's core brands, Marvel: Avengers Alliance has been in development for more than a year. According to USA Today, Playdom and Marvel were already at work on the game before Disney's 2010 acquisition of Playdom for $563 million put both companies under the same umbrella. Disney acquired Marvel in 2009 for more than $4.24 billion dollars.

Disney Interactive's director of communications, Brian Nelson tells us the game isn't the branded game Disney Playdom's San Francisco-based Dream Castle began staffing for in November either, as Marvel: Avengers Alliance was developed by another Disney Playdom studio, Seattle-based Offbeat Creations.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance

The game will be a combat RPG set in the wake of "the Pulse", a galaxy-wide disaster that has made New York the target of almost everyone in the entire pantheon of Marvel villains. Players will take on the role of a junior S.H.I.E.L.D agent, tasked with gathering the world's superheroes together into teams to protect the city.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Disney is hoping the game will balance between a casual audience and serious Marvel fans, so despite its source material, the game will not be a hardcore-player focused title. Nelson did not reveal if there would be any connection between the game and the upcoming Avengers movie.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Disney has not announced a release date for Marvel: Avengers Alliance yet, but the game will launch sometime in the first quarter. According to Nelson, there are several more Disney-branded social games on the way in 2012 and Disney Playdom's Dream Castle is still working on what Nelson refers to as a more traditional Disney IP.



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