Facebook Games Weekly News Wrap-up: Jan. 2 to Jan. 8

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Real Casino Facebook Games Might Explode in 2012?

A lot of Americans are going to find themselves strapped for cash this year, if enough states follow suit. And seriously, what state is going to refuse free tax money? Real Casino Facebook Games Might Explode in 2012?

Casino Facebook Games

The new opinion is an interpretation of The Wire Act of 1961 that was essentially revisited to address whether Illinois and New York could allow out-of-state organizations to sell lottery tickets to residents online, according to The Times. However, it appears that a few states have taken this interpretation as a green light for online, non-sports gambling.

"We always knew it was legal. It didn't come as a shock to us," independent D.C. Council member Michael A. Brown told The Times. "But other states might beat us to the punch, and that would be a tragedy. I'm hopeful we still will be the first to the marketplace. Frankly [other states] have said, 'We're just going to take D.C.'s legislation and copy it.'"



Recommend New Facebook Games in Jaunary 2012

It's the beginning of the year 2012, and we have seen a tremendous influx of quality games into Facebook since the beginning of the year 2011. Are you looking forward to playing fun game in 2012. Our post is dedicated to give you an insight on most interesting and exciting games available on Facebook, never pass. Now recommend new facebook games in Jaunary 2012.

The Godfather: Five Families

The Godfather: Five Familes is another hybrid strategy game, one that takes great inspiration from games like The Stratagems and other Kabam games like Global Warfare. You'll fill the role of an up-and-coming mob boss (choosing either a male or female character) tasked with revitalizing a family who's in a bit of a slump. As a strategy adventure, there's ample depth, but Five Families also does a bang-up job of being accessible to all types of gamers.

You'll begin The Godfather: Five Families with an estate that's in disrepair. You'll need to construct resource buildings, restaurants, and a hideout, as well as train thugs to battle opposing street gangs. Your estate houses structures such as a library where you'll research "rackets" (trafficking, muscle, and other illegal activities) and an armory, a place to unlock new weapons and protection for your gangs.




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