Triviador - One Million Users in the Last Month

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According to Appdata's numbers, in the last thirty days the total number of Triviador users reached one million MAU - and there is no sign of this growth stopping. What's more, on Triviador's Facebook page users from countries across the world are begging for their own national versions and wanting to know when they will arrive.


The International version opened first and proved that people love learning, improving and competing in a strategy-trivia context.  And although it is a great chance to practice foreign languages and foreign topics, it is clear that most users prefer to get their own national version, in their own language. And with the recent launches of Triviador USA and Triviador Mundo, THX Games is already delivering.


Additionally, since users can access the chat option after just a few games, people are enjoying making new friendships through Triviador, with people all over the planet. What a great way to make friendships - through a game that challenges the mind!


Since Triviador's global November launch and the December launches of Triviador USA and Triviador Mundo, all three versions have achieved incredible success. Triviador is quickly marching across the rest of the world and Spanish speaking nations are especially in love with their version. According to Appdata's numbers, Triviador Mundo is 68th among top gainers, after only a month since its launch.

THX Games PLC is already boasting the leading online trivia games in 7 European countries, but as they expand globally into different languages and national versions, Triviador will soon conquer the world of online trivia games.

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