As a Real Detective in Hidden Object Games

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Hidden object games makes you feel yourself a real detective, searching for hidden object. The styles may vary greatly: Different games, different picture, feast your eyes. The idea of hidden object genre is to search for various objects which are scattered all over the place. These games are extremely addictive — once you've started you won't give up until the last item is found! Now let me introduce you a few hidden object games. Leave a comment to let me know which is your favorite.


As we know Playdom's Gardens of Time win the Facebook's Hottest Game of 2011. In Gardens of Time, players join the Time Society, a group charged with the protection and preservation of history. However, upon entering this world, players discover that something is amiss within the flow of time. Using a time machine mechanic, players travel to different time periods which offer hidden object puzzles.

Like Mystery Manor, each puzzle requires a set amount of energy to play, thus restricting the number of times a player can try a for free puzzle per day. In each puzzle, players search for objects that are not native to the time period. The list is finite, and players are scored based on how quickly, and accurately, they find them all, with extra bonuses by finding them in quick succession. The better they score, the higher their Star Rating goes at the end of the puzzle. Each puzzle's Star Rating is cumulitave, encouraging players to revisit puzzles frequently to gain the max rating of four stars.

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If your are familiar with Popcap games, you already know what HOG means, if not it stands for Hidden Objects Game, their quite popular in download games end PC games, but now Game Insight tried it in the Facebook environment. It manages to smoothly blend the traditional HOG experience with social features, but unfortunately becomes rather repetitive after a while.

The Mystery Manor is, as you can probably guess, a manor surrounded in mystery. It's a strange mansion filled with magic and creatures, as well as an eclectic cast of characters. As you explore the house you'll come across these characters, who will ask you to do favors for them or to complete various tasks. The story is conveyed solely through these bits of dialog, which can be a bit goofy and don't really do enough to make you really interested in what's going on. If you want to focus on the game and not the story, though, it's pretty easy to breeze through the chatter without missing anything important.

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Zynga raised some eyebrows earlier this week by announcing a hidden object game that, at a cursory glance, has an awful lot in common with both Playdom's Gardens of Time and Game Insight's Mystery Manor from visual style and setting to puzzle types.

Hidden Chronicles is about mystery, discovery, and a little friendly competition. Like snowboarding or making scrambled eggs, it's easy to learn but hard to master. As you move through boards discovering thousands of hidden items, you'll also unlock the story of Ramsey Manor, your home base in Hidden Chronicles. You'll meet and interact with unique caretakers there, and have the ability to build, decorate and customize the Manor.

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World Mysteries

In World Mysteries you assume the role of the person who has inherited the mansion and, together with friend Sarah Christie, leave in search of the lost objects of the world to reveal legends and discover the true history behind the disappearance of the uncle and his friends.

World Mysteries

You take on the role of a person set on discovering the mysterious circumstances regarding your uncle's disappearance. Loosely presented through basic quests, you work your way through various locales searching for clues that may point you in the right direction. As World Mysteries progresses, you eventually unlock new mysteries to explore, with each one offering more hidden object puzzles for a grand total of 28. Broken up into "cases," each case requires you to earn certain items in order to unlock the next.

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