The Sims Social Sneak Peek: The Treasure Chest

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The Sims Social

Here is a sneak peek at one of the more special items that will drop within the next The Sims Social updtae, adventure week.

By AdminTel From The Sims Social Fansite

The Sims Social Treasure Chest

The Treasure Chest is planned to cost 69 SimCash and should boost House Value by around +10,200. From the actions and images you have managed to find, it seems like the SimCash cost may well be worth it.

It seems that your Sim will be able to attempt to open the new Treasure Chest at the cost of Energy, attempt being the key word. Your Sim will either fail and not be able to open it at all, successfully open the Treasure Chest and receive unknown goodies(Probably Ingredients, Social Points, Simoleons, Energy and who knows, maybe SimCash?) or open it to find a slithery beast that will scare your SIm back into their jungle surroundings.

Adventure Week seems to be gearing up to be great from what you've seen so far. You can view the rest of The Sims Social Unreleased Adventure Week Itmes here!

Please remember that any details given regarding Unreleased Items are only correct at the time you receive them. Price, actions and reawards etc can be changed by the developers before they are released into The Sims Social online Facebook Games or even not released at all.



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