Throws Facebook for a Hoop De Loop Saga with Its New Game

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Hoop De Loop Saga is expanding its standalone Facebook game portfolio again with Hoop De Loop Saga, the fifth game from its website to make make the jump to the platform as a Saga title.

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Hoop De Loop Saga

London-based announced that Hoop De Loop Saga, one of its most popular casual games, has launched on the social network as Hoop De Loop Saga. This is the fifth game featured in the company's own games portal to get the "Saga" treatment, and with it comes way, way more than social features and leaderboards.

"You have in Hoop De Loop Saga, which you don't have in the original version: You have time challenges, you have task time challenges, score challenges, you have survival mode," CMO Alex Dale spouts off to us. "Probably most important, however, is the social layer. You play alongside your friends, you track their progress, you get updates when you overtake them, etc, etc."

Hoop De Loop Saga

Those who are familiar with hits like Zuma Blitz will feel right at home in's new Facebook game, which falls right into the "ball-shooter" sub-genre. In all, Hoop De Loop Saga features over 70 different levels and six game modes. Players can craft their own power-ups from items collected through playing, a new bullet point for the franchise. But the top five Facebook game maker isn't merely going down a list of its top games when bringing them to Facebook.

Hoop De Loop Saga

"Within the casual social category, there are subcategories of games. We did Mahjongg Saga, even though it wasn't one of the biggest games on," Dale says. "It was very a distinctive experience, so we wanted to see if you did complimentary games, what would the take up be? Although Mahjong Saga isn't bigger than Bubble Witch Saga or Bubble Saga, it is the largest Mahjongg-themed game on Facebook."

Now, considering the developer has games on Facebook, mobile devices and even Google+, wouldn't it just be better to release all versions of a game at once? Not according to Dale, who prefers to build audiences on social networks before making the move to mobile. Hoop De Loop Saga currently enjoys 240,000 monthly and 70,000 daily players, and CEO Riccardo Zacconi hopes to see the game catch on like Bubble Witch Saga has.

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