Rumor: More Storage Coming Soon to The Sims Social

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The Sims Social

Players want lofty things like cars and jobs for their Sims in The Sims Social, but they have more practical desires, too. If there's one thing that all players of Playfish's top social game can agree upon, it's that there simply isn't even storage space. the developer has announced that more storage is on the way, but without a source.

By AdminTel From The Sims Social fansite

The Sims Social More Storage

One of the biggest complaints from players of The Sims Social at the moment is the tight restrictions given for Storage, especially with The Sims Social dropping new items into the game every week. Whilst players really want to add to their collection of items and furnishings for their favourite online Facebook game, they also don't want to continue to sell the lovely things they have bought from previous collections.

Before Christmas, The Sims Social raised the Storage limits from 500 items to a maximum of 550. However, since then we have had more than ten different themed weeks and over 400 new items. The problem Playfish have is that as the game progresses and ages, this storage limit will need to continue to rise and rise which can slow the game down without the required server space at their end. By expiring items when they get older is a great way to keep the server limits down and provide space for new ones, but expiring an item then makes it more sought after and adds to the demand of players Storage space.

The good news is that Playfish has announced that more Storage will be made available in the near future, however they have not provided any specific dates. Maybe the raise to 600 items, sometime in February or March? Who knows? So keep attention.



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