Angry Birds on Facebook will Sling, Shatter and Shake Things Up [Video]

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Angry Birds

Angry Birds will launch on Facebook for V-Day, and developer Rovio previewed some of its features. Angry Birds for Facebook will include social features, allowing players to compete against their friends, boast about their scores, and earn gold, silver, or bronze crowns for achieving the top three scores at any of the game's levels.

New Social Elements

Are you the best Angry Birds player around? Now you can prove it! With the brand-new social features for Angry Birds on Facebook, you can compete with your friends, brag about your scores, and earn coveted gold, silver, and bronze crowns for the top three scores in any level.

Amazing Power-ups

In addition to the Mighty Eagle, we have great new power-ups to help you pop even the peskiest piggy. In Angry Birds Facebook, you have the opportunity to earn power-ups by playing the game, receiving them as a "mystery gift" from a friend, or purchasing them. To begin, there are four amazing power-ups available:

The Facebook version of the game will also feature the following power-ups:

Sling Scope, which gives players access to laser targeting for precise aim

King Sling, an upgrade that provides maximum power and velocity

Super Seeds, which "turn any bird into a pig-popping giant"


Birdquake, which helps players take out the pigs'defenses.



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