Rumor: Toyota's White Prius V will Swerve Into The Sims Social March 1

Date: Feb 08 2012 08:12:43 Source: The Sims Social fansite Views:
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The Sims Social

Rumours have been travelling aroundThe Sims Social universe since back in January when the First Details of Cars Arriving In The Sims Social.

By AdminTel From The Sims Social fansite

The Sims Social Toyota Prius V

Speculate over details of the Toyota Prius V only being available to loan for a maximum period of two weeks before it has to be returned. This still seems to be the case as the in game promotion will echo the real life promotion attached to the Toyota Prius in which you can trial the car for a fortnight with no commitments to buy.

You may have also read about how the Cars Release Date Was Pushed Back from its initial scheduled drop of mid February to mid March. Here information that you will be able to own Cars in The Sims Social for Free as early as Thursday 1st March if you manage to complete what looks to be a very simply Mini Quest.

The old Yashimoto Prais blue car that you had become acustomed to has now been changed to a sleeker white version that resembles the real life Toyota Prius V. You apologise for the poor quality of the image. While nothing has been confirmed. Besides, Playfish has worked with Toyota before through Monopoly Millionaires, and more specifically with the Prius. Here's to hoping Sims get to go for a spin come March 1.



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